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Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

Ridiculously quick and easy to make.

This is how:

1. Toasted bread (I had Jewish Rye)

2. A dab of mayo

3. Some lettuce leaves (Red Fire Farm)

4. Tomato slice (Red Fire Farm – we got FOUR POUNDS on Friday!)

5. Pile on the salmon

6. Squeeze some lemon juice

7. Sprinkle on the capers


Adding a glass of OJ and a book made it only better:


Russian dinner, delicious food and massive amounts of meat

A couple of weeks ago I cooked for a dinner of 35 – all Russian food, insane amounts of beef, cold cuts, salads and oh, you name it.

Unfortunately I took only a couple of pictures, and mostly of the less-crazy stuff. So, no tongue or 20 lbs of beef, but here is some of the rest:

These are just the various pickles I got from the Russian Store:

(on the 8th lb of pickles the girl at the Russian Deli asked me if was having a party. I told her, no, just bad PMS, been craving some pickles 🙂

Appetizer pastries – half with cheese and garlic, half with black pepper and liver

The amazing home-cured salmon (that was actually made by the hostess!)

Fruit salad

And, finally the tables!  Set and ready to party!

Salmon steaks, quick and easy

You will need:

Salmon steaks

Old Bay seasoning (reduced sodium)

Corn on the cob (+salt and butter)

A bottle of red wine or other drink of choice

Here is what you do to make this simple and delicious dinner:

1.  When you get home, turn on the broiler and start boiling some water for the corn.  Pour yourself a glass of wine.  Flip through some magazines.

2.  Rub the salmon steaks with Old Bay and olive oil.

3. When the water boils, put the corn in.

4. Set the timer to 8 minutes and put the salmon under the broiler in a heavy pan

5. After 8 minutes, take out the corn and turn over the salmon. Rub the corn with butter and salt.

6. Take the salmon out after another 4 min, pour another glass of wine and enjoy your dinner! 🙂