Red-eye Gravy: Breakfast of Champions

redeyegravy2Red-eye Gravy:  Breakfast of Champions

A classic Southern dish that I found through my pre-coffee-cooking google-fu.  I modified it a tiny bit by adding chili powder and onion, because the thought of pouring plain coffee over ham was terrifying.

You will need:
Ham steak
½ C Starbucks VIA Medium Roast
1 T chili powder (or not)
1 small onion, sliced

1.    Cook the steak until it begins to brown.  Take it out of the pan and tent it with foil to keep warm.
2.    Deglaze the pan with coffee, add onions and chili powder.  Cook the gravy for just under 5 minutes, stirring.
3.    Pour the gravy (it will not be very thick) over the ham to serve.

Serve this with eggs and home fries – breakfast of champions!redeyegravy1

Note:  Use the reduced salt/ sodium ham, or google how to make ham less salty.  Otherwise you’ll feel like you’re licking a saltmine.


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