Russian dinner, delicious food and massive amounts of meat

A couple of weeks ago I cooked for a dinner of 35 – all Russian food, insane amounts of beef, cold cuts, salads and oh, you name it.

Unfortunately I took only a couple of pictures, and mostly of the less-crazy stuff. So, no tongue or 20 lbs of beef, but here is some of the rest:

These are just the various pickles I got from the Russian Store:

(on the 8th lb of pickles the girl at the Russian Deli asked me if was having a party. I told her, no, just bad PMS, been craving some pickles 🙂

Appetizer pastries – half with cheese and garlic, half with black pepper and liver

The amazing home-cured salmon (that was actually made by the hostess!)

Fruit salad

And, finally the tables!  Set and ready to party!


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