The importance of fear

I was looking through my old quote book the other day (yep, I have several, all hand-written, collected over the past, oh, 18 years).  The saying that really stood out to me was from an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker where she said that “it’s important to be afraid of your future”.  It’s important to step outside the circle, push boundaries, walk into the unknown.

Personally, I usually get quite a thrill stepping into the unknown and the scary.

Except when it comes to cooking.

I mean, I’m pretty good. I can tackle a lot of things – demi-glace, perfectly cooked scallops, new ingredients. I’m usually a good sport, and quite successful.

Tonight I can officially tell you, as I already told my boyfriend, – we may have to order pizza.

Baking never quite agreed with me – I’ve made some very tasty things, but never felt comfortable doing it. Tonight I had this ridiculous craving for a savory pie. What I have in the oven is a leek+ground bison+feta pie.  It’s looking quite… rustic…

I’ll let you know what happens.


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