If it isn’t fresh…

Today I had the pleasure of hearing Roger Berkowitz, president of Legal Sea Foods, speak about Sustainability in Uncertain times.  He was the first guest speaker in the Triple Bottom Line class that I’m taking this semester.

Here is the most exciting news: LSF will be opening a new dockside (!), three-story (!!!) new location on Fish Pier in Boston.  The plan right now is to use the first floor for family-friendly dining (“lobster in the rough, but a little cleaner” – as Mr. Berkowitz put it), fancier and more celebratory 2nd floor and – my favorite – a rooftop deck on the 3rd level. Love it!

He spoke about sustainable fishing practices – how LSF won’t serve Chilean Sea bass, because 75% of the catch are caught illegally, and how the company lobbies for better dayboat fishing regulations.

Also, did you know that Legal tests their tuna and swordfish for mercury levels? And their shellfish are tested for all kinds of icky parasites? While they don’t find it “appetizing enough to put into advertisment”, I think this is great information to have out there.

Finally, here is the most important news. Between February 3rd and 28th all LSF locations will be highlighting a new dessert – Haitian Bread Pudding.  All proceeds will go towards UNICEF and Partners in Health in Haiti.   I know I’ll be heading right over on the 3rd, and I think you should, too!


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