VIA cooking


Oh man.  This past weekend was a daze of cooking, tasting and Fluff festival. By end of Sunday I was swearing profusely at social networking websites and thus endlessly amusing my boyfriend.

But you know what, it was totally worth it 🙂  I learned more about cooking savory dishes with coffee than i ever hoped, and we definitely ate some tasty stuff!

I cooked everything, from wings to chili, from pork shops to ribs and tiramisu!

See all of the dishes on my Recipes page. If I were to recommend a Beginner Coffee-and-Meat venture I would go either for the marinated steak or the beef stew. If you’re brave, try the Coffee-Crusted steak!

And now, here is what I’m wondering:

Cooking meat/ tofu with coffee? Weird or wonderful? (click to polldaddy to let me know what you think!)


3 responses to “VIA cooking

  1. I am absolutely fascinated that there’s such a thing as a Fluff Festival! I’m quite certain I’d like it :). As for your recipes, they’re inspired, Anna! I have your marinated steak w/VIA on my to-do list…

    • The Fluff festival was out of this world. Did you see the pictures I linked to?
      Good luck with the marinated steak, it was really delicious.

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